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Pt. 7 Tuesday #archaeology #fieldwork #otterburn etc

WARNING: I have safety training and permission from Range Control to access these parts of the OTA. If you want to visit the OTA you must follow all safety and access guidelines and the byelaws.

Tuesday was spent continuing to walk transects over the railway target’s interior area and there is definitely a different assemblage of training finds. It was also a day for wildlife sightings, with two crows chasing a fox, two hares fighting, and a lot of skylarks.

Picture of the day:

A target – made of two 10cm thick armoured panels set into a mound of earth, in the centre of the railway target area (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

The weather was very odd on Tuesday – bands of cloud sweeping rapidly overhead brought intervals of snow and hail in between bursts of very bright sun. I felt like I was in the Zone.

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Not mine! But I love it!
Inspirational. Source:

I didn’t make this, but it speaks to my very soul.

Go visit the creator’s link above and give them lots of Notes, if you’re on tumblr. (I shouldn’t be, but then it comes up with gems like this). Full credit to Adam Knave for making this meme, it’s awesome, and I want to print it out on canvas and frame it.

King Squid

And this week’s Squid-related diversion:

I mentioned a Drabblecast story last time, but probably the origin of my interest in squid (particularly as the agents of change/changeable things themselves) would be Jeff VanderMeer’s collection of stories “The City of Saints and Madmen“, particularly the anthologised short story King Squid.

And now that I think of it, the fictional city of Ambergris (the setting of the novel and two subsequent volumes Shriek: An Afterword and Finch) offers a really interesting context for looking at conflict landscapes in terms of the largely silent war between humans and the GreyCaps. Hmm…

Here’s an interview with Jeff…

ASA2015 Conference in Edinburgh

Last week I went to the ASA2015 conference at the University of Edinburgh. While neither my first conference nor my first trip to Edinburgh, it was my first time doing both as a postgraduate student, and that perspective definitely made me look for and take away different things from this conference than I have with others.

I’ll be going into this in more detail for a proper conference review for our department’s journal Assemblage, but here are some brief thoughts about ASA2015:

  • Edinburgh is a really beautiful city, and in the sunshine (gasp!) even more so. Even though the archaeology department was a bit of a maze and perhaps doubly confusing because of the renovations work taking place, it was a lovely place to visit and I liked getting to see behind-the-scenes to my usual touristy rambles along Middle Meadow Walk.

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