I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield Department of Archaeology (started Jan 2015). I am using landscape as a framework for studying the management of the archaeological resource within an active military training estate. I am able to do so thanks to the support of a University of Sheffield Faculty Scholarship.

I’ll use this blog to write about my research, fieldwork, outreach, volunteering and (because I am a nerd) the occasional SF/horror-related diversions- check the Squiddities tab for these. Alongside my research I manage the Archaeology & Ale podcast and website for the Archaeology in the City outreach programme, serve on our Tuesday Lunch Lectures committee and will help to edit our journal Assemblage in 2015-16.

I’ve also worked as a Community Archaeologist, commercial site assistant and training dig teaching aide in the UK, and as a project manager and consulting archaeologist in Australia. I’ve also been an indoor rock-climbing instructor, volunteer dance teacher, long-serving customer service bod and occasional call centre minion. I completed my MA in Landscape Archaeology (Distinction) at Sheffield in 2013, and my BA Arts (Archaeology – Hons and BA Asian Studies (Japanese) at the Australian National University in 2007.

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I can be contacted by email, linkedin and twitter. 

But, why Squid…? As for the title – I do landscape archaeology, and I like squid! Not as a foodstuff, but as an inkfish: to someone who, like me, loves maps, ink, illustration and representation of space, squid and other cephalopods who can basically re-illustrate their personal/bodily topography on a whim are really, really cool.