In three months, near enough, I’ll have come to the end of YEAR 2 of my PhD. By that point I aim to have completed my data collection and analysis and given myself a good foundation to start writing in earnest (and hopefully a bit of wriggle room for some extra fieldwork, as I always want to do more!).

So it’s all about focus. Here’s an interesting bookmark that came up just now, as I was trying to get back into another website (thanks, Firefox).

I don’t know if I can ever fully give up multi-tasking but I need to limit it to particular tasks. I’ve noticed since I started doing more work online (e.g. in Google Docs) it’s a lot easier to go down the internet rabbit-hole, and I miss the flow I’d get from working in a word processor with no tempting tabs in the corner of my vision.

Anyway, that’s enough distraction! Back to my word document now… 🙂