WARNING: I did my fieldwork on the OTA with the permission of Range Control, during the lambing break. The lambing break is now over and live firing has resumed. Do Not attempt to visit areas within the live firing area of the OTA. For information on how to safely visit the OTA and the byelaws you must follow, please start here.

IMG_9832An anti-tank device found in the target railway – this was an extremely common artefact type found at varying levels of completeness. This is one of the more intact examples I photographed. Scale is 20cm. EDIT: It’s a recoiless 84mm Carl Gustav prac anti tank round. (Thanks to Andy Holcombe @WW2Ordnance)

I’m currently tracking down correct identification details for each of the artefacts I’m sharing as part of the Find Of The Day series, which will become part of my GIS database. For now I’m just sharing these pictures without further commentary, as a taste of the material culture of military training that I’ve encountered during my walkover survey.