Hello dear readers! I had not realised this post hadn’t gone live! (I had written this post, but saved it rather than publishing it and then promptly ignored my website for the next fortnight.)

An update, for those of you who may have been following this blog, and wondered why I’d gone silent…

Technical difficulties: Please stand by. (Source: http://www.popculturemaven.com/tv/fall-2013-television-score-card/)

My digital camera and computer are both getting on a bit now and have decided they are no longer on speaking terms. I *think* it is something to do with the transfer cable, which I can’t test until I get home. So I decided against continuing the Find of the Day updates as they’d be a bit dull without photos!

So, once I get home and resolve my tech issues – issues which have been a recurring theme of this fieldwork season, I must say – I will be back with Find of the Day flashbacks, as I go through my field notes and photo archive and begin to make sense of all of the things I’ve recorded.

Thank you for your patience, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.