WARNING: I have safety training and permission from Range Control to access these parts of the OTA. If you want to visit the OTA you must follow all safety and access guidelines and the byelaws.

It’s taken longer than anticipated to finish the second survey area due to some technical problems, and some surprise snow. Such is the nature of the British spring!

View south along the railway target tracks, heading back to the car. The snow had started to settle by then and there’s no point surveying when you can’t see the ground any more! (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved.

In between a phone meeting with my supervisor to resolve some ‘interesting’ error messages on the survey kit and sudden heavy snow in the early afternoon, I did however record another tank target.

View north towards target panel (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved
View south from bank behind target panel (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

I also found evidence that another tank* (or perhaps the tank I’ve already recorded to the north of the target railway) had been present within the target area and used as a target before being moved elsewhere. (*based on the presence of some tank tread fragments similar to those in the tank I recorded yesterday).

Part of a scatter of vehicle components including tread fragments and metal plating within the railway target area (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

Also present were more of the same background scatter of small to medium finds.