WARNING: I have safety training and permission from Range Control to access these parts of the OTA. If you want to visit the OTA you must follow all safety and access guidelines and the byelaws.

On Wednesday I finished up a transect across the Otterburn target railway and investigated the earthwork feature in the north-western corner. The earthworks protect a small bunker which now seems to offer shelter to sheep rather than soldiers (though there’s still a bench inside so it could be a useful port in a storm).

Tank north of Target Railway on the west side of Bushman’s Road, Otterburn Training Area (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

Just north of this is a tank repurposed as a target, with the entire lower part filled with concrete to make it even harder to destroy. I’m also reviewing historic aerial photos to see how long it has been there.

Google Earth gives another perspective on this piece of landscape… (very helpfully, as I’ve not been able to find reference to any kind of topographic survey in the Historic Environment Record database).

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.01.21 pm
The same area, from above – image from Google Earth.