WARNING: I have safety training and permission from Range Control to access these parts of the OTA. If you want to visit the OTA you must follow all safety and access guidelines and the byelaws.

Back in the field again! On Thursday I looked at the land north and east of Bellshiel Law long cairn to see how it has been used for training.

A brushwood shelter with occupation debris (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

I recorded three small shelters used by soldiers on training exercises, and occupation debris showing evidence for food preparation, shooting practice and weapons maintenance.

A pull-through rifle cleaner, accidentally dropped (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved.


Fieldwork Hat again (c) K Moore 2016 all rights reserved

It might sound strange to be recording this, but I’m interested in seeing what ‘archaeology’ modern training leaves behind, and how it fits into the landscape around the older archaeological features like the long cairn. I use the same methods as I do when recording stone tool scatters and medieval settlements.