Hello folks – I’m back!

I’ve been back home for the past month for family reasons. My supervisors, the university and my research partners have been super understanding and I’m very grateful they made taking a leave of absence and heading off to the other side of the planet so straightforward.

I managed a bit of extracurricular work while I was away, which I will put up on this blog in due course – but for now, a piece of side-work I submitted long ago has finally come to the light of day —

Go and read my review at Assemblage’s new wordpress site: The Third Annual Student Archaeology Conference 2015 (ASA2015)

Assemblage is the journal of the University of Sheffield Department of Archaeology, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Assemblage’s 14th edition is going online right now on their new improved WordPress site, and part of it is my review of ASA2015, which I attended back in the summer. Re-reading the review reminded me how good it was to see what other students were doing and makes me want to go to another conference soon.

Anyway, cheerio – we now return you to your regular programming.