While working up in Northumberland I volunteered to complete the excavation report for a community archaeology excavation that took place in 2008. Coquetdale Community Archaeology excavated two areas of a set of practice trenches on Blaeberry Hill overlooking Rothbury in Coquetdale, Northumberland. The report is so close to completion now (I’m just awaiting feedback from an external reviewer) and to celebrate I completed a poster to submit to the Modern Conflict Archaeology conference in Bristol (17th October 2015).

I decided to print the poster as 4x A3 sheets, as I am sending it to the CCA as well, and it would be much easier for them to print more copies in A3 format than in A1 or A0. I’m really looking forward to finalising the report and then seeing it become publicly available on the CCA’s website. Completing the report, including inking up their section and plan drawings, was a very helpful training exercise.