As soon as I moved to Sheffield I got in touch with the local branch of the Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC). I’d started the North Pennines Northumberland Uplands YAC branch, or NPNU YAC, when I worked for the NNPA and wanted to stay involved with the organisation. Luckily it was no bother to transfer my leader membership straight over.

I joined the Sheffield YAC with a visit to Weston Park museum back in February, and then arranged for them to have a workshop in our palynology lab in April, plus a behind-the-scenes tour of the Woodland Heritage Festival in May, but work/fieldwork/dancing/conferences* had conspired to prevent me from actually joining in for months!

Finally the stars aligned and I got to go and join the YAC at Weston Park Museum last weekend. It was really good fun. The Museum education officers provided the activity – a bit of a change from running it myself; I enjoyed just going along for the ride! We explored the new Creswell Crags exhibit in preparation for a field trip out there later this month, then tested out our artistic skills making bone (soap) animals and cave (butcher’s paper) paintings.

I really enjoy the YAC; it’s a simple, relatively trauma-free way of getting kids involved with archaeology, and having the resources of Weston Park museum to draw on made it even easier. Fingers crossed I can make it to some more of this branch’s meetings in coming months – our next trip is going to be out to Creswell Crags.

*it’s a busy life, this PhD lark…