I’ve had a mini-win today, after banging my head against a literature review for far too long.

Yes, I’m doing an archaeology thesis. But this is (at least in part) a geography chapter.

I’m looking at how military land use influences the management of known archaeological features (or “heritage assets”) on a training estate in the UK, so I’ve been dutifully reading about specific case studies and specifically looking for legislation and management plans mentioning archaeology. I was struggling a bit.

What I really needed to do was go back and figure out just what the “military industrial complex” is, and what geographers mean when they say that war and geography are interconnected and mutually constituted – and Virginie Mamadouh’s 2005 chapter Geography and War, Geographers and Peace in The Geography of Peace and War: from Death Camps to Diplomats (and others in that book) have been lifesavers.

Mamadouh’s article is the source of the above quote (attributed to Yves Lacoste, 1970s):

La géographie, ça sert d’abord à faire la guerreGeography, it is first used to make war.

Thanks Virginie, I owe you a pint.